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Shenyang Rain - Get The Feel

Baijiu Flight

We All Know

Climate change seems to happen quicker than we believe. Glaciers are melting at a high rate. Sea levels are rising, global air temperatures are hitting new records. Environmental pollution, air, water, soil. 
AQI, the air quality index defines the level of fine dust in the air, AQI 500 is hazardous for human beings. Plastic waste is every where. Micro plastics are found in sea grass, fish, humans.

Fool of the night

Sometimes we are all FOOLS, that night it was certainly me. Take care of yourself and others at all times. You never know when it is your turn needing a helping hand !

Shenyang rain (Lyrics Video)

I like this song, I remember this day in Shenyang (the rain was the worst I'd seen in a long time, the worst ever in Shenyang), and though it's again, not a Mighty Greegor song, I AM on drums. And I like this video.  

Greg “The Mighty Greegor”

Sneak View “Shenyang rain”