1. We All Know

From the recording We All Know


Garbage dumped in, world's oceans, plastic toxic, to life
Massive oil spills, poisoned fish, trapped turtles and birds
Micro plastics in, seagrass, oceans getting hotter, every year
Glaciers melting, sea levels rising, yet large rivers, drying out​​​​

Flames and smoke rising in the air, making day into night
Wildfires, combustion engines, construction work, coal burning
Adding fine dust, to the atmosphere, making the air hard to breath
Humans suffering, feeling the impact, wildlife being extinct

We all know, we all know
Air, water, soil all polluted
Can we make a change? Can we make a change?

Extreme weather, loss of life, loss of species, forced migration​
Sustaining capacity of, our world, is a little bit less, every year
We forget, Nature's urgency, to balance, itself
Our living space, seems going down, tough, but yes

Radioactive landfills, chemicals and pesticides
Ever increasing electronic waste, batteries, old solar panels
We begin, to feel and see, the impact of our doings
The trail of destruction, at our doorstep, let’s start to make a change

We all know, we all know
Air, water, soil, all polluted,
Can we make a change? Can we make a change?

If you don’t believe
Mankind is in trouble
Can we at least agree
What we do to the world
Is not ok! is not ok!